Senna (Secret Story): Incredible reconversion, the ex-candidate confides in his new life

In 2010, TF1 viewers discovered the fourth season of Secret Story, presented by Benjamin Castaldi. The public was thus able to meet Benoît Dubois (winner of this edition), Thomas Vitiello (who has changed a lot since then), the volcanic Amélie Neten or even Senna Hounhanou. Although he is discreet, the latter agreed to grant an interview to Gossip Room to give news.

At the time of his participation in Secret Story, Senna introduced himself as a professional basketball player. He had a secret “my exes are in the house”, namely Stéphanie Clerbois and Coralie. But very quickly, he got closer to Amélie Neten and both had a love story. Together, they then participated in season 1 of reality tv angels (NRJ12) in 2011. But his love affair with the Belgian did not last, nor did his career in the industry.

Senna Hounhanou has indeed quickly moved away from the spotlight and today he has a job far from the world of reality TV. “I stay on top, on top of the roof every day. I am a building roofer now. It’s a nice job. It is truly a craft that is being lost. It’s a good conversion, I love what I do. It’s mostly very down to earth. I wanted, but above all the need to have something very down to earth. Already not only to learn a trade, to do something that I love. And even in terms of my self-esteem, it’s still important. I feel so much more fulfilled and so much more serene in what i do now“, he confided to our colleagues from Gossip Room.

Despite everything, Senna Hounhanou is “not completely closed“to a return to television. He is not against a project”fun with good people and a win“. “But the father of the family does not count”get lost in it“, especially since he appreciates less current shows. On the other hand, he misses the TV of the time a little. The message got through!

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