Separation post from Mross and Woitschack: presenter Nazan Eckes sees herself as a source of inspiration

Separation mail from Mross and Woitschack
Moderator Nazan Eckes sees herself as a source of inspiration

Nazan Eckes takes it with humor.

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Nazan Eckes commented on the well-known words with which Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina Woitschack announced their separation.

With a post on social media in which Stefan Mross (46) and Anna-Carina Woitschack (30) announced their separation, the two caused a stir in two respects – on the one hand through the message itself, on the other hand through the words chosen. Because, on closer inspection, they turned out to be sometimes one-to-one from a separation post in which moderator Nazan Eckes (46) had previously shared her feelings about and reasons for the love-off. In an interview with “GALA” on RTL, Eckes commented on the alleged post plagiarism for the first time.

“I actually only saw it much later,” said the moderator. Friends would have drawn her attention to it, but at first she apparently still thought of a coincidence: “I thought like this: ‘Huh, what? It’s probably just a sentence that’s a bit similar.’ I then saw it later and thought: ‘Yes, the similarity between the two texts is very amazing.'” Her conclusion: “Obviously I inspired them both.”

They just split up a month ago

In mid-October, Eckes made her separation from artist Julian Khol (42) public. Among other things, she wrote sentences like: “If anyone can say ‘in good times and in bad’, then we” or “But then life had many challenges in store for us, too many” – these and other expressions of emotion were found around one A month later, sometimes literally at Mross and Woitschack again.

She now reveals how difficult it was for Eckes to take this emotional step publicly. “You think about it for a very, very long time. ‘Do I want that, don’t I want that, is it right? Very briefly or in more detail?’ At some point it’s a feeling that comes up and you think: ‘Yeah okay, I just want to share that now.'” It was quite some time before she finally clicked on “Post”: “I wrote it and then dragged it around with me for three days and kept thinking about it and then at some point I just posted it.”


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