Serena Williams flamboyant? Another player swings on their shopping trips

There it’s finished ! After twenty-seven years of career, Serena Williams retired from sport at age 41. Venus Williams’ sister counts behind her 23 Grand Slam titles whose three at Roland Garros (2002, 2013 and 2015). This Monday, August 15, the champion is playing in the Cincinnati tournament, which will be the very last tournament of her career, which began at the age of 14 at the Quebec tournament.

“She’s a girl who doesn’t spend her money anyhow”

In twenty-seven years of career, Serena Williams has made many friends, especially other tenniswomen: Justine Henin, Amélie Mauresmo and Marion Bartoli. All testified to their link with the American champion in an interview with the newspaper. The Team.

Marion Bartoli, who ended her tennis career in 2013, shared amazing stories about her shopping trips with Serena Williams: “She’s super simple. she confides. After a Roland Garros, we went shopping, not at all on Avenue Montaigne. An outing with friends like everyone else. She loves antiquing in lambda stores. I remember she was looking for fabrics for her collection. She buys dresses for 80-100 dollars. We imagine Serena going shopping for 50,000 euros, not at all. She was so happy to find a $100 dress. She’s a down-to-earth girl who doesn’t spend her money haphazardly.” Like what for Serena Williams, money is also the sinews of war as in tennis! As a reminder, his fortune is estimated by Forbes at $260 million.

Another anecdote was during the Wimbledon tournament in 2019 when the mother of Olympia (4 and a half years old) refused to take the trophy from Simona Halep, winner of the tournament. “We had a huge laugh and the worst thing is that she left the trophy. There are players who would kill father and mother to have it and Serena left it there like a vulgar tray in which you put on aperitif cakes”told Marion Bartoli to The Team.

In any case, for her last tournament, Serena Williams will be able to count on the unfailing support of her husband Alexis Ohanian who paid her a vibrant tribute with a snapshot of him and their daughter on Instagram on Friday August 12: “Over the past 7 years I have seen how much you all love my wife, what she means to so many people around the world. I have never seen anything like this”he had written.

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