Serial offender – German prisoner arrested in Carinthia

An escaped German prisoner has now been arrested in Carinthia! The man also had accomplices in Carinthia. He is also said to have broken into veterinary practices to get veterinary drugs as a drug substitute.

In the course of a traffic control, the 31-year-old was stopped and arrested. The officers were able to secure burglary tools, stolen goods and traces of burglary in his van. It turned out that the 31-year-old had escaped from custody in Germany and had committed a total of six burglaries and four attempted burglaries between April and June. The man broke into commercial properties, veterinary practices, a kindergarten, a supermarket, a restaurant and a driving school. He was partially assisted in his actions by a 28-year-old accomplice, against whom there are several national arrest warrants in Germany.Carinthian as an accompliceBut that’s not all. A Carinthian, a 29-year-old woman from the St. Veit/Glan district, is also suspected of having given the 31-year-old main offender an illegally obtained second key to a veterinary practice more than 200 cartons of cigarettes were stolen and some were resold to buyers in Germany.Cannabis indoor plantation seizedA fake driver’s license, a cannabis indoor plantation and cannabis planted in a piece of forest were also seized.They gave the motive for the crime the perpetrators to drug addiction and gambling addiction. The main perpetrator is still in custody, the accomplices will be reported after the investigations have been completed. There was total damage in the lower five-digit euro range.
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