Serious injuries – Alkolenker drove down a woman in a wheelchair and a man

What a horrible accident! An 81-year-old senior pushed his wife, who is in a wheelchair, carefully across the road in Gratwein-Straßengel, north of Graz, around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. A drunk driver may have overlooked the two and captured the couple! Both were severely injured, the pensioner even life-threateningly.

The 53-year-old driver from the Graz area drove around 4:30 p.m. in Gratwein-Straßengel, he was heading towards the town center in Judendorf. The terrible accident happened at Grazer Straße 43. The 81-year-old senior was about to cross the road with his wife. He pushed the wheelchair on which the pensioner is dependent. Victims could not be questioned whether they used the zebra crossing that leads from the restaurant to the other side of the street, or were moving to the side, witnesses could not clarify for the time being. Of course, the couple themselves could not be questioned due to the massive injuries. In any case, the 53-year-old must have overlooked the couple and their wheelchair – and drove them down. The 81-year-old suffered serious injuries in the accident. Her husband, who was the same age, even suffered life-threatening injuries. Both were brought to the LKH Graz after the first aid by the Red Cross. An alcohol test carried out on the driver was positive, he had at least 0.8 per thousand. His driver’s license was taken from him and the Styrian was reported.
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