Seriously injured – Kranklemme hit construction workers from 5 meters on the head

When lowering an iron package on a large construction site in Weiz on Monday afternoon, a lifting clamp suddenly came loose from the crane hook: a Serbian worker (30) standing underneath was hit in the head with full force and suffered life-threatening injuries.

The emergency doctor was called immediately and a rescue helicopter was requested: Unfortunately, a tragedy on a construction site in Weiz on Monday afternoon called for it. Shortly after 3 p.m., a tragic incident occurred when iron packages were being loaded with a crane. The packages were attached to the crane hook, and a so-called formwork lifting clamp was also attached there. Clamp broke from the hook For an unknown reason, however, it broke from the hook and fell five meters down exactly on the head of a 30-year-old Serb, who, together with a second construction worker, attached the packages with a belt. Had to be flown to Graz. The man suffered life-threatening injuries and was admitted to the LKH Weiz after the first aid and from there flown by helicopter to the LKH Graz.
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