Seriously … who that fuck needs autumn decorations?

As soon as the thermometer has left the 30-degree mark, there are pumpkins, monsters and colorful plastic leaves everywhere. Our author thinks this is totally silly.

It's that time again. Instead of simply replacing the gummy flamingos and the mango prosecco with speculoos, which would be really useful and, above all, pragmatic, they put pumpkins out again. So those that you CANNOT eat. The whole thing is then called autumn decoration. Yes no, that's clear. Unfortunately, all common alternatives are no better. Who would like to see small porcelain hedgehogs, garden gnomes in rubber boots or ugly resin witches in their apartment? And pumpkins are really great, but only as soup, puree, baked if necessary. I would put the decorating factor somewhere in the minus range. What are they good for? I don't put up inedible strawberries in summer either.

What to do with this stuff in December?

The real question that arises is: what to do with the ugly stuff in December? Isn't it annoying anyway to put all the Advent stuff up and down again and again. Only that at least it makes sense to me. Christmas decorations are at least beautiful. It's also great to decorate the house in December and it's at least as nice to clear away all that Schischi in January when you've had enough of it. So after two months. But autumn decorations make me aggro before I could even buy them (which, by the way, I would never do).

There are autumn decorations in the forest

The only really nice alternative to hedgehogs and co. Is – if you ask me – in the forest. There you will find beautifully colored leaves that look really nice next to a few candles. Cones, moss, nuts and chestnuts are also easily found in nature. In addition to the unbeatable price (namely free), there is one thing I really like about the forest decoration: After use, you don't need an empty drawer (who has that, please?), Just a compost heap or the organic waste bin. Put it in there and never see you again. In addition, you then hung your exhausted nose at least once in the forest. That relaxes a lot and is healthy. By the way, in modern German it is called "forest bathing", but that is actually just as silly as the word "decoration" for perfectly normal pumpkins.