Serve as fresh ! Fifteen frozen desserts to savor this summer


Here is summer… and its frozen delicacies. Why settle for a simple scoop of ice cream or a traditional eskimo when it is possible to feast on real creations that will only last for a season? Here is our selection of the fifteen frozen delicacies for summer 2021, in no particular order.

The most magical: Emmanuel Ryon’s chocolate macaroon (Une Glace à Paris)

Nestled in the Marais district of Paris, this brand founded in 2015 is really taken by storm every year when the first rays of the sun appear. It must be said that Emmanuel Ryon – Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) ice cream maker and world pastry champion – and Olivier Ménard set the bar – frosted – very high. With their team, they make traditional French frozen desserts with seasonal and quality raw materials.

Our opinion : here is another way to taste a macaroon… by passing it in the oven. We delight in the crunch of a powerful and still warm chocolate macaroon that contrasts with a melting hazelnut ice cream inside. Totally stunning!

Composition: chocolate macaroon shell, gianduja ice cream, creamy infusion of cocoa beans, Italian meringue. Paris. Price: 42 € (4-5 people).

The most aesthetic: the frozen strawberry plant by David Wesmaël (La Glacerie Paris)

Turbined by hand and made from natural ingredients, the creations of La Glacerie Paris are distinguished by their marked flavors and their original presentations. It must be said that David Wesmaël (MOF glacier and world pastry champion) is adamant about the supply of raw materials in short and French channels.

Our opinion : visually, this trompe-l’oeil is 100% successful and, in terms of taste, we taste a very well balanced dessert, between the sweetness of vanilla, the acidity of the strawberry sorbet and the roundness of the strawberry confit.

Composition: soft almond biscuit, vanilla cream flower ice cream with kirsch, gariguette strawberry sorbet from Plougastel, confit of strawberries and candied strawberries. Lille, Paris. Price: 49 € (6 people).

The Breizh plus: the Breton heart of Alain Chartier

At the head of seven shops, Alain Chartier shines throughout Morbihan. The Meilleur Ouvrier de France glacier and world pastry champion offers a very wide range of sweets, cakes, chocolates, confectionery or desserts without sugar or low in calories. But where it really excels is with its frozen offer which is quite unique in France.

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