Servette is planning this with the premier class premiums

Ugo Curty and Matthias Dubach

The opponent is white-green again – but the rest is completely different. After the 4: 1 victory in the province of the league against promoted Yverdon, Servette is back on the big Champions League stage. Wolfsburg – one of the most successful clubs in world women’s football – is waiting for the second group game this Wednesday. VfL has been one of the best addresses in Europe for ten years, is a two-time Champions League winner and six-time German champion.

It goes without saying that after the 3-0 defeat in the opening game against Juventus, Servette will again appear as a blatant outsider. But even if the Geneva women do not get any point bonuses. Participation in the premier class is lucrative one way or another. For the group stage qualification alone, the Swiss champions cut a fee of 400,000 euros from UEFA. “That corresponds to half of our annual budget,” says Servette spokesman Loic Lüscher.

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