SES-imagotag: reacts to Gotham City Research report

( – SES-imagotag reacts this evening to the publication of a report by Gotham City Research entitled ‘SES-imagotag: The Circular Dance with a Chinese Twirl’.

This morning, Gotham City Research, a fund specializing in short selling, published a document questioning the business model of the French electronic label specialist, finding that the company’s financial statements were ‘materially misleading, incorrect and deficient ‘.

These attacks led to the suspension of the listing of the SES-imagotag share. This evening, SES-imagotag denounces the ‘numerous gross inaccuracies and/or misunderstandings’ of the report and indicates that it will respond to them ‘in the coming days’.

In the meantime, she points out that the auditors have issued unqualified audit reports on the 2022, 2021 and 2020 annual financial statements.

Finally, SES-imagotag recalls that Gotham City Research holds short positions and therefore has every interest in seeing the SES-imagotag share price fall.

SES-imagotag adds that it reserves ‘the possibility of exercising all rights with a view to subsequent legal action, if

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