Setting up recurring payments with PayPal: Is that possible?


PayPal is a popular payment service provider that offers its customers many features. We will clarify here whether recurring payments are also included.

PayPal is now one of the most common online payment services. (Source: Primakov /

  • Unfortunately, private individuals cannot set up recurring payments with PayPal.
  • Only users with a business account can create standing orders.
  • If you use PayPal to pay online, shops can set up direct debit payments.

Sending a sum of money to a specific person on a regular basis – with checking accounts, this is easy to do with a standing order. A payment is made once in a certain period of time (such as a month or two weeks) with a preset recipient and amount. But can such recurring payments also be set up with PayPal? We’re looking into this question today.

No PayPal standing orders for private customers

Anyone hoping to be able to set up a recurring payment with PayPal as a private customer will unfortunately be disappointed: the service does not offer such an option to private customers. Recurring payments to a specific recipient are restricted to business accounts, i.e. entrepreneurs and freelancers.

But that doesn’t mean that private customers can’t make repeatable payments with PayPal – if, for example, a subscription or a mobile phone contract is to be paid for via PayPal, the online shop can determine that a so-called “payment by direct debit” is set up.

However, the amount, frequency and recipient of such payments are not determined by the customer, but by the online shop. Such a payment cannot be made to private individuals via direct debit.

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