Several injuries – ski tourers hit by avalanche: one dead

There was an avalanche on Saturday afternoon on the Lackenspitze in the municipality of Tweng in Salzburg’s Lungau. Three people were buried. One of the ski tourers could only be rescued dead, another had to be resuscitated and was flown to the Klagenfurt hospital by helicopter, seriously injured.

A group of eleven ski tourers was surprised by an avalanche on Saturday afternoon. Tourers wanted to climb the popular Lackenspitze (2,459 meters high) on touring skis. Three of the tourers were caught by the avalanche, one could only be recovered dead. Two other tourers were taken to the hospital in Tamsweg. The third victim was dug up by the mountain rescuers around 5:30 p.m. Initially, nothing was known about his health; five helicopters, mountain rescue services and the Red Cross were in action. A crisis intervention center has been set up in the Tweng municipal office. Mountain rescue, Red Cross and police were called upon with more than 100 emergency services. The ZAMG Salzburg issued an avalanche warning level of two or, from the tree line, three. Above all, warnings were given about tricky snowdrifts in the Tauern, and experience and restraint in tricky areas were required.
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