Several Peugeot, Opel and Citroën cars recalled due to serious malfunctions

Some models have been subject to this procedure at European level since last Friday. Several defects appeared at the level of the brakes or the fuel reserve.

A “Consumer reminder” as rare as it is worrying. While the government platform regularly publishes announcements on potentially contaminated food products, here it is launching a massive recall of several car models presenting the risk of fires or accidents due to faulty cables or brakes. Three brands of vehicles are targeted: Peugeot, Citroën and Opel. For the first, three cars are the subject of the recall. First, the Expert and travelers, manufactured between January 20 and 28 and between March 17 and April 30. In question ? Faulty wiring that can cause a fire. The Peugeot 2008s assembled in the spring of 2022 are also recalled for the same technical concern. Lastly, other vehicles, such as the 208 produced between August and November 2021, are targeted following a problem with the fuel reserve.

Concerning Peugeot, several ranges are scrutinized: the models Jumpy and SpaceTourer manufactured between January 20 and 28 and recalled due to a possibly defective rear brake. Just like Opel cars Vivaro C, Zafira Life, affected by the same problem and also produced at the beginning of the year. Owners of these recent cars should contact their dealer. For all these vehicles, an identification number and a Rapex alert number, – from a European information exchange system – are indicated on the “Consumer reminder” site. A few days ago, the Tesla brand had to recall more than a million cars in the United States for a safety malfunction.

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