Sex: climax hack for a fulfilling love life


You can do it the way you want: good sex is part of a happy relationship – oh, what are we talking about, a happy life in general, after all, the mood with sexual frustration tends to drop. But don't worry: We – or researchers from American universities – have cracked the formula for a fulfilling love life. And that means: mindfulness.

More specifically, it's about sexual mindfulness, as the study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy shows. This not only leads to a happier sex life, but also to more self-confidence. It is about transferring methods of mindfulness to sex – for example, being more aware of touches, fully engaging with the moment and not digressing. Simple relaxation training can help – here you can learn Zen meditation, for example.

Especially with women, the mindful path can lead directly to the climax. So with the view, we like to take some pace out of lovemaking and do a little mindfulness exercise beforehand …

sources used: Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy