Sex horoscope: 4 zodiac signs that are particularly experimental

These zodiac signs leave nothing to be desired during sex

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missionary position? No thank you! These zodiac signs prefer to look for a special thrill during sex.

Whether unusual positions, original sex toys or even tingling role-playing games – for some zodiac signs, bed can’t be experimental enough. We’ll tell you which signs of the zodiac are guaranteed not to have sexual monotony.

Scorpio: Passion personified

Scorpios have passion literally written all over their faces. Although the Scorpio is a water sign and seems reserved at first glance, there is a strong desire for sexual adventures and the desire to live them out. Very omnipresent: the imagination. The Scorpio particularly likes to play with hot thoughts – which usually go into detail. The use of sex toys, which the zodiac sign particularly likes to experiment with, is also not unusual.

Gemini: Varied seduction artists

Geminis are complex and long for constant variety in life – this also applies to their sex life. Due to their communicative nature, they like open exchange during sex, and it can also be stimulating dirty talk. In addition, there is a true seduction artist in them who loves to play with their partner’s lust and push it to the limit.

Leo: Spirited lovers

Leo is temperament through and through. Just like in all areas of life, he also wants to impress her in bed. Communication in this regard is more than easy for the zodiac sign. It can happen that the:the partner:in gets a message saying: “Hey darling, I’ve just seen an exciting sex trend that I really want to try out”.

Aries: Exciting RPGs? Yes, please!

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which stands for sexuality and activity, among other things. Things that the zodiac sign can absolutely identify with. But although Aries is perceived as a consistently open zodiac sign, it initially needs a great deal of trust in order to completely let go of its counterpart – especially on a sexual level. However, once that has happened, the fearless and rousing side comes to the fore, which above all loves variety. Routine versus role-playing is the motto here.


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