Sex is not everything! This is more important to men in relationships

There is this famous statistic: Men think about sex every seven seconds, Is nonsense, of course – how else could you focus on anything else? In fact, men value sex, but it's not for them the most important in a relationship. If the following things do not fit, you will not feel comfortable with any woman in the world.

1. understanding

A man wants to be understood in his manhood. In his needs, motivations, priorities. His ideal: The girlfriend respects and understands his behavior, even if he is not perfect. In order for this to succeed, he likes to exchange ideas with his loved one (yes, he TALKS!). It's an old cliché that men shy away from lengthy conversations. It only depends on WHAT. For example, men love to talk about the job. At dinner, on the couch, on a walk … and it is extremely important to them that the partner shows interest in it.

2. Confirmation

A cliché that is really true: men are always looking for confirmation – in their jobs, in everyday life and in relationships. This does not mean that we have to constantly stroke our partner's head and say: "Well done, tiger!" No, it's about yourself MUTUAL to give confirmation in the relationship, For little things like eating well, but also for life-determining things like being a mother or father. And just say now and then: "Darling, I admire you for what you do!" You can find more compliments for men here.

3. Trust

Unfounded jealousy dramas, distrust and insinuations … There is practically nothing that gets men mad. It is important to them to trust – and above all to get trust. Where we would be again on the subject of confirmation. I trust my friend completely, I show him that I think he is a good guy. And that is particularly important to him.

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