Sex, more effective than Doliprane in case of headache?


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According to a study conducted by German researchers at the University of Münster in 2013, having sex would be formidable in the event of a headache. Explanations.

What do sex and a Doliprane have in common? Both are effective for a headache! According to a study conducted by German neurologists at the University of Münster, a part of the leg in the air is an effective way to soothe the skull. To come to this conclusion, the researchers interviewed 800 subjects with migraine and 200 people with recurrent headaches. They were asked if they had sex during these episodes and whether they saw any positive or negative effects on the pain.

Results ? More than two in three respondents said they had observed a decrease in symptoms after having sex. Better yet, one in five people said they no longer have a headache at all. Similar figures to those obtained when taking pain medication!

An endorphin-related reaction

In this study, researchers attribute this soothing virtue to the endorphin released during intercourse, especially during orgasm. This hormone has soothing and analgesic effects which can therefore act on migraines and headaches.

An observation supported by the professor in neurosciences, Amanda Ellison, in her book “Splitting: The inside story on headaches”. In this book she compares a sexual relationship to an “injection of serotonin”, also called “the hormone of happiness”. She conducted her own research on two men who regularly suffered from severe headaches. These disappeared at the time of orgasm.

One exception does apply, however: people prone to coital headaches. These are severe headaches that can occur during or after an orgasm. According to the German study, this phenomenon (not so rare) would concern one in a hundred men.

So here is a natural remedy for headaches and migraines to try during your next attack… with the consent of your partner!

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