Sex podcast: "After 50 years, accepting yourself is the key": Current Woman Le MAG

At 70, Amélie is a fulfilled woman. Actress, she has been married for more than 40 years to a man who always finds her beautiful and attractive. At the microphone of Alexandra Hubin, she testifies to the complicity which reigns between them, the way in which the sexuality continues, even if obviously it is very different, less fiery perhaps, from what it could have been when they were younger. Sure, she sometimes struggles to see her body change, but she knows what to do with it. She talks about how her husband's eyes help her accept the changes, and how communication helps to overcome all difficulties. Faced with the ills she may have encountered – vaginal dryness, small urinary leaks – she always had the good reflex: talk to her doctor. She thinks it is high time to dare to talk about everything!

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