Sex positions: tips and ideas for every occasion

Sex means in, out – and good? For heaven's sake, no! Because if you do it right, sex can be exciting, loving, animal, tender, wild, extensive and intense. In short: versatile! We have put together a few love positions for you that guarantee fun in bed.

Sex positions – with orgasm guarantee

To climax during sex? The non-plus-ultra! Unfortunately, men have a better chance than we women. Even if it depends on many factors whether we come to lovemaking: It all starts with the right sex position! These do not have to be artistic positions from the Kamasutra, for which you have to be super flexible. It usually helps to ask yourself: Can the man penetrate deep into the vagina with the penis? Does the pelvis have good blood flow? Are the legs in a comfortable position? Can his thrusts stimulate the clitoris?

With which sex positions women have the most fun in bed (and the greatest chances of an orgasm), we show you here:

The reverse rider position

  • How does this work? In this sex position, the woman sits on top of the man, facing away.
  • What is the advantage? The woman determines the pace and intensity herself, but above all, the other orientation stimulates the G-spot more strongly. And it's worth it for all women who are particularly excitable there.

Of course, it also goes the other way than …

Classic rider position

Sex positions: illustration of the rider position

  • How does this work? Here the man lies on his back and the partner sits or squats on him – looking in his direction. In doing so, she determines the rhythm of the movements and decides how deep his penis can penetrate her vagina.
  • What is the advantage? It is the sex position in which the man's penis most touches the clitoris. It is crucial for many women that they are stimulated externally during sex in order to come. In addition, the front part of the vagina is touched more strongly by the position of the rider – this is particularly interesting for women who have an excitable G-spot.
  • Pro tip: Don't forget the pelvic floor! By tensing and releasing you can increase the intensity. If you also gently circle back and forth in your hips or bend your legs more, you reach even more erogenous points. This way, every woman can find out which areas are particularly sensitive to her.

Missionary position … with a difference

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? With the classic missionary position (the man lies on his partner who spreads his legs), the orgasm is sometimes not long in coming. It is therefore worth turning a little and simply tilting your left or right bend your legs – whoops, there is a completely different stimulation!
  • What is the advantage? The penis can penetrate the vagina with a different orientation and thus stimulate other pleasure points.

Another variant of the traditional missionary position is …

CAT – Coital Alignment Technique

  • How does this work? In this sex position, the men are at the top, the women at the bottom. Once they are united, she closes her spread legs. He now slides up until his and her pelvic bones lie on top of each other. The man now moves his penis downwards from a slightly higher position instead of the classic way back and forth, both rubbing their hips rhythmically. Slightly circular movements increase the stimulation.
  • What is the advantage? In the CAT position, the clitoris should be stimulated more than in the classic missionary position. In addition, this sex position should increase the chance of a simultaneous orgasm.

Doggy style

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? The woman kneels in the four-legged stand and the man penetrates her from behind. He can put his hands on her pelvis to gently support the movements or stimulate her clitoris with one hand.
  • What is the advantage? The sex of the woman's G-spot is particularly strongly stimulated during sex in the doggy position, which is why many women love this position during sex. If she also bends her upper body downwards, the effect increases. Don't forget: with your free hands, both he and she can stroke the clitoris – the climax guarantee!

The spoon position

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? Both are on the side, the man on the partner's back. She pulls her knees up slightly and puts her upper leg forward so that it can penetrate from behind. Tip: bend your legs and then leave them straight again – ensures special intensity!
  • What is the advantage? The spoon position is perfect for stimulating the clitoris of the woman by hand and having sex together at the same time – the position is also ideal for anal sex.

The elephant

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? In this sex position from the Kamasutra, the woman lies on her stomach. The man lies on top of her and slides her penis in from behind.
  • What is the advantage? In the elephant position, he can penetrate deeply into her and the partner doesn't have to do much. Great for little lazybones – and intensive G-spot stimulation.

The candle

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? In this sex position, the woman lies on her back, in bed or on an elevated level, such as the kitchen table. She stretches her legs up like a candle, and the man penetrates her from the front.
  • What is the advantage? The candle can vary the woman and push the pelvis higher up or lower further. The man can regulate how deep he penetrates her vagina by tilting the upper body further forward or back again. It is best to give the partner feedback on how it is most comfortable during sex.

The lateral position

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? The woman and man lie facing each other, she bends her legs and wraps them around him.
  • What is the advantage? Due to the close physical contact, this sex position can become quite intense. In addition, the side position is perfect for exchanging wild kisses and heating up even more. The recipe for orgasm here actually lies in the intense excitement through mutual physical contact.

Sex positions – that quickly make you fall in love

Sex without feelings? This works out! At least everyone who has had a non-binding one-night stand has experienced this before. But we also know too well: if you go to bed with a guy several times, it is quite likely that you will develop certain feelings for him. These positions are extremely intimate – and make the butterflies in the stomach fly particularly quickly. If you do not want to fall in love under any circumstances, then stay away from it! We tell everyone else: Have fun!

Face to face

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

We are particularly close to him in the missionary position and he can look us deeply in the eye. Even better in the side version than if it is directly above us – because then it is less busy with supports.

The lotus

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

He sits cross-legged and we on his lap. Means something like: I am all yours! And exactly this feeling can quickly arise in this position, also called the blooming orchid.

The spoon

So intimate, so close, so intense. The spoon position is not only a guarantee of orgasm as described above, but in this position we can not help but to completely fall into it. It touches us in so many parts of the body at the same time that it increases the intimacy enormously. And because he is so cozy in our arms, we feel particularly safe with him.

Wrapped tight in the side position

The side position already described is not only good for orgasms. As close and intimate as it is, this sex position allows you to quickly build closeness and intimacy.

Sex positions – which men find pretty stupid

One would actually think that men have no aversion to sex. The woman is naked, so it's good! But no, they are not that simple. They probably wouldn't cut us off, but secretly these four variants are at the bottom of your wish list.

In stand

Standing sex

  • What speaks against it? Phew, how exhausting. First, the woman is usually a bit smaller than the man, he also has to bend his knees and somehow everything just gets complicated. So either high heels or he will probably think: Nope, so that's not fun for me now!

In the bathtub

Sex in the bathtub

  • What speaks against it? In theory: ultra hot, sensual and just awesome! In practice: cumbersome, annoying and bathing under water! Because he is somehow even more difficult with his height in the narrow tub, he does not find sex in it that much.

Put on his face

  • What speaks against it? Yes, of course, he likes to caress his girlfriend orally. But only on condition that he can breathe. There are survivors who can do tongue acrobatics in this position – and like to play the cool stool. Everyone else says rather: thumbs down (and in the worst case also penis)!

Professional Kamasutra acrobatics

  • What speaks against it? We do not want to say that we women still enjoy doing sex in the Kamasutra after a hard day's work. However, we are open to sporting challenges. However, if he has to bend for his orgasm, he quickly loses his desire. Legs apart, lifting figures or wildly twirled variants – for him only work and no pleasure. But maybe the following inspirations are a very good compromise …

Sex positions – with a sporty challenge

To put it very clearly again: Women usually get their best when the outer and front part of the vagina is stimulated, because that's where the clitoris runs. For example, sex therapist Dr. Johann Sievers revealed in the BRIGITTE interview about vaginal orgasm. In many sex positions, however, the man penetrates deeply into the vagina – in other words, where there are no receptors at all that give women pleasure. Therefore, the above-mentioned sex positions such as the elephant or the doggy position are good for the female orgasm.

If the simple orgasm guarantors have already become boring, you can also try out the following sex positions with a particularly sporty touch. Don't worry, the wheelbarrow is not there! Best of all, of course we made sure when selecting that they also stimulate the front part of the vagina, i.e. where the G-spot is. The man can also stroke the outer clitoris with a free hand (if he can keep his balance). Have fun!

The erotic "V"

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? She sits on the corner of a table and puts her legs over his shoulder. With her hands, she can hold onto the back of his neck while he controls the movements.

The G-spot stimulator

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? She brings her body into the "candle" and then leans her bottom against his loins, her knees and feet are bent at the level of his chest. If she feels like it, she can also put her feet on his chest while he controls the movements and keeps their balance. Yes, you have to be a bit agile!

The standing doggy

Sex positions: The right ideas for every occasion

  • How does this work? The doggy position is one of the best sex positions for stimulating the G-spot. The further the woman leans forward with her torso, the better. You should at least try the standing version: The man stands and holds the partner up by his feet. If that is too unstable, you can of course put your knees down.

Sex positions – with high calorie consumption

Tired of a hard workout? You can also safely save yourself – especially if you have an active, varied sex life. In the following gallery we tell you the sex positions with the highest workout factor. But don't worry: it will be more comfortable below …

Sex positions – for damn hot nights

The weather is hot – but the guy too? Then you can hardly keep your hands off him despite the heat. You don't have to either. Only the right positions are important. In these love positions you don't move as much and have little physical contact – but the sex is still great!

Puppy position

Little body friction, maximum fun! The doggy style is made for summer temperatures. Tip: For additional cooling, he can stroke your back with an ice cube.

Rider position

Sure, we have to move a bit there. But we can put in the gentle gear. Here the classic, but also the upside-down version is ideal.

Deluxe variant:

Deluxe rider position

Tell your sweetheart to put his legs up. This changes the angle at which it penetrates and can provide additional pleasure.

The candle

Not only pleasurable, but also refreshing. Even if the name sounds pretty warm: the only thing that gets hot here is sex! Incidentally, it becomes a "butterfly" when it spreads your stretched legs.

Oral sex

Oral sex

It doesn't always have to be the in-out game. Oral sex is a great alternative, especially in the heat.

Duo masturbation


Just watch each other while masturbating. Can be pretty stimulating. And the best: Less body heat exchange is not possible!

The cross stitch

Cross stitch

Much better than the classic missionary position because your skin doesn't rub against each other here. Plus: it can penetrate deeper!

Video tip: Tired? Then these are the best sex positions for you

Or is it always fixed and all when you are just getting started? How men persevere longer during sex, happened to occupy us … ?