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Sex: So often happy couples end up in bed


The thing about sex

Sex is the way it is: At the beginning of a relationship, we can hardly keep our fingers apart and want to spend every free minute in bed. At some point, however, you get to the point where you feel that sexual attraction is steadily decreasing with the length of the relationship.

This is completely normal! After all, eroticism gives way to much more important things, namely love and trust. Nevertheless, we always secretly ask ourselves: How often do happy couples have sex?

Researchers keep devoting their studies to this topic, the result is mostly the same: satisfied couples have sex about once a week.

But we would like to add something: In our opinion, every couple has sex as often as they want. Relationships are so individual – some jump into bed every two days, others only once a month. The frequency can change again and again depending on the phase of life. So the main thing is that everyone is happy.


The sexting ABC

The corona pandemic also turns our love life upside down. While some couples in the shared apartment fall on the ceiling, others fight with the distance.

What about quarantined sex? No problem, you do not have to do without intimacy: it is the best time to familiarize yourself with sexting.

Just get yourself excited by words. It may be strange at the beginning, but it quickly becomes exciting and sparkling. What do you need? Just a little rest, your cell phone and a little imagination. We have four sexting codes for you:

  • NSFW – "Not safe for work" – nobody should see what follows now.
  • Dinner for two – "I feel like 69"
  • IWSN – "I want Sex now"
  • Dog Emoji – "I have nothing under it …"


3 times 69

Sex doesn't always mean penetration. Rather, the 69 position hides a whole new world of oral sex. This should make the act even more familiar and intimate – after all, you get closer than ever. We show you three 69 variations that make you want to have a sex position:

  • The classic: the partner lies on his back, you kneel over his head. Your mouth is now at the level of his penis – and you slowly lower your pelvis so that you can pamper yourself at the same time.
  • The lying 69: It couldn't be more comfortable! Instead of lying on top of each other here Both bend the upper leg slightly – and free space for the partner's head.
  • The demanding 69: Well, fancy a bit of a sports program? Then try the standing position: Your partner lifts you upside down, you wrap your legs around his head. Here we go!


Sex in corona times? Not an easy game

The ban on contact states: No more than two people should meet. That sounds like a reasonable announcement for dates. But honestly: we should keep the group of people we meet with as small as possible. One night stands and wild smooching in bars are a thing of the past – but that doesn't matter. Because there is now a guide on how you can date despite Corona – and even with a happy ending if you want …

New York City obviously knows its inhabitants very well and has included the dating point in the official sex guide for the coronavirus. And it looks like this:

  • "Consider taking a break from personal dates."
  • Then an alternative is suggested: "Video dates, sexting or chat rooms could be an option for you".

If we are digitizing our entire world, why not the dates? Well, in the long run a little more is required than looking at a potential partner through the camera lens. But for safe and above all corona-friendly dating, the idea against loneliness is not that bad …


Corona sex guide

Love life is also currently affected by the corona crisis. Data is almost impossible in times of exit restrictions and contact bans, let alone little shepherd's hours with affairs … But since people are reluctant to forego sex, the New York City Health Department has now published a corona sex guide. Really! And what's in it? We have summarized the most exciting points for you:

  • "You are your safest partner" – if you want to keep the risk of infection low, it is best to masturbate. Do not forget to wash your hands.
  • "The next safe partner is a roommate" – so you should only sleep with people who live in the same household.

Furthermore, the guide advises you to pay attention to contraception and to wash your hands before and after each sex. Well – it's time to take care of ourselves again, isn't it ?!

Do you already know these 3 positions for masturbation?

Sex in corona times

What are couples doing that are forced to squat together during Corona times? Annoying, bickering – and tolerating again. And we should be able to feel a positive consequence of the corona pandemic (there must be good news …) in nine months. Three reasons why there should be many Christmas babies around the turn of 2020:

  1. As the first company reports show, the demand for erotica (sex toys and pornography) is currently high – the Corona period does not let the desire pass.
  2. Couples currently have a lot of time for two – and accordingly more sex.
  3. The need for family and cohesion increases in times of crisis.

Of course, these are only small assumptions by us – but honestly, in such difficult times we have to concentrate on the positive news, right ?! And the thought of Christmas babies is definitely one of them …

sources used: NYC Health

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