Sex toy horoscope: This is the perfect sex toy for your zodiac sign

Our sexuality is diverse and individual. Both with our partner and with ourselves, we can always go on a new journey of discovery and find out what we like and what we don’t like so much. While Libras don’t like to commit themselves and prefer to experiment a little, Virgos like to stay in control. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t discover new sides of themselves or that they don’t want to give up control. To find out what gives pleasure and what you might not absolutely need, sex toys are an exciting option to explore or add more drive and fun to your sex life. And that applies to the solo number as well as sex in twos, threes, fours… But which toy suits you?

The agony of choice

The selection is huge, as is the price range. You don’t just treat yourself to some sex toys in between, especially not if you’re not sure whether they fit you and keep what they promise. That’s why we’ve collected a little inspiration for you here and – depending on the zodiac sign and the corresponding characteristics and needs – put together a selection. Something hot for fiery Aries? Something special for the easily bored Sagittarius or a toy for two for the rebelliously romantic Cancer? The great thing is that most of the toys can be used in a variety of ways and are a lot of fun both as a couple and alone.

The main thing is that it feels good

Of course, nothing is set in stone here and our small collection should only serve as a suggestion. So click through and let yourself be inspired by the exciting toys. Their job is primarily: to make you feel good, to connect with your body and to give you a great time.


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