Sexotuto, the new show for teens that demystifies sexuality

Sexuality is a very sensitive subject among adolescents. Between lack of knowledge and unresolved questions, parents do not always dare to talk about it with their children. France Television has launched a program called Sexotuto, which addresses all aspects of sexuality, in a simple and uninhibited way.

In adolescents, sexuality is a real questioning. Approached very lightly in middle and high school, sexuality nevertheless deserves to be deepened and should in no way be seen as a taboo subject. It is actually very important to have a dialogue about it, because gaps on this subject can have very serious consequences.

While some parents have trouble talking about sex with their teens, which we can obviously understand, there has been, since March 11, 2021, a pretty cool alternative. France Télévision has launched “Sexotuto”, small video modules made up of 38 episodes of approximately 5 minutes each, which address important themes around sexuality. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We talk about everything!

All aspects of sexuality are fundamental. This is why Ambre and Eddy, two young roommates, tackle subjects such as masturbation, virginity, menstruation, contraceptives, the first time, erection, non-penetrating sex, love, coming. out, STDs… But also pornography, consent, sexual violence, incest… We talk about EVERYTHING. And that's precisely what is interesting about learning: talking about everything, without leaving out the more touchy subjects.

Since the two speakers are young and know each other quite well, the content is fluid and complicit. Reassuring figures of the big brother and the benevolent big sister, the videos are clear and simplified. But when the subject becomes more scientific and becomes more complex, the two actors put on their white coats. The fact that the duo is made up of a girl and a boy can possibly be reassuring: we have both points of view, so no one talks about subjects in which they have absolutely no concern.

To reassure the most picky, all the information provided by Ambre and Eddy is verified by scientific and educational experts. In addition, at the end of the episodes, you can find very important numbers, such as Family Planning and Alert numbers. In any case, we welcome this great initiative and remember that there is nothing dirty and bizarre about sexuality, it's normal, it's natural and healthy to talk about it!

Cecile Fischer

First a fashion student, Cécile slowly turned to journalism, which she found more sincere. She is an editor for aufeminin and Parole de mamans, proud to write for committed media.

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