Sextoys that lift the mood. Guaranteed!

These sex toys lift the mood. Guaranteed!

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There is still something wicked about sex toys. They now look so great that you almost want to display them on the bedside table. We are miles away from the fake flesh-colored penis. What we enjoy instead – whether alone or with a partner: in – we have collected here.

Let’s be honest, it’s really nice to be able to spend a lot of time with your partner. But sometimes it can be a bit of variety. Sex can contribute to relaxation, but even then you may have been through all sorts of things by now. So now it might be time to make a change in bed with yourself or as a couple. So off to the toy department!

Dildos – very classic

Silent surfer

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It is the classic and, so to speak, the grandfather of sex toys, because the dildo has been around for a really long time. And the fact that it is still there definitely speaks for its functionality without any vibration. Nevertheless, it doesn’t get boring with the toy, on the contrary: With the Silent Surfer you can massage the G-spot with one end and use the other for conventional stimulation, individually at your own pace.

Vibrators – Good Vibes

Similar to a dildo – only with a motor – vibrators stimulate the G-spot, or they are used for external application on the clitoris. But vibrators also find their approval at other hotspots with him and her. And let’s be honest: dirty was yesterday, today’s sex toys shine with classic elegance. Therefore: A vibrator should not be missing in any household.

Rabbit vibrators – twice the fun

Double pack, 2 for 1, that’s how it works with the rabbit vibrator. Its specialty: it stimulates the clitoris and vagina at the same time and can even enable a double orgasm. Sounds promising, even if the name Rabbit might not turn on that much .. Rabbit ears are very popular with Playboy, but they are somehow really 90s and a bit dusty. Nevertheless, the rabbit is easy to get into bed one time or the other.

Lay-on vibrators – hung up, excited

Laya II Very few women have orgasm vaginally, but many clitorally. That is why the clitoris is the zone of all zones during sex and lay-on vibrators are absolute professionals in this area. As with masturbation

also, lay-on vibrators stimulate the clitoris and thus ensure unimagined flights of fancy.

It gets even more special with lay-on vibrators, which use pressure wave technology to trigger really great emotions. The clitoris is stimulated without touching the toy directly. This prevents overstimulation. N / A? Do you also feel like surfing the wave?

Couple vibrators – Playdate

The good thing is that you can basically include every toy as a couple in your love game and vice versa you can also use pair vibrators alone. BUT some toys come with a few specials that give two people a special kick. The WeVibe, for example, can also be controlled remotely with an app. So it’s also perfect for long-distance relationships – in combination with a little sexting, it can get really hot.

Small, inconspicuous but pretty ohooo. The Be One is the pre-toy from the Fun Fatory and can easily be clamped between two fingers or taken in the hand. At various hotspots, he ensures intense pats and even after foreplay, the little one can keep up with the big ones and can be converted into a lay-on vibrator, for example.

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