Sexual harassment – crash landing in court: club chairman convicted

Bang in the cause of sexual harassment and allegations of bullying against officials of the Union sports pilot group Ybbs – chairman sentenced to a fine.

For more than a year, the cause of allegations against the Union sports pilot group Ybbs, based at the St. Georgen airfield, has not only occupied the judiciary. As reported, a former flight instructor had made serious allegations against club members. It was about manipulated flight recordings, bullying and sexual harassment. The allegations were substantiated with tape records and testimonies from a flight student. In return, the club reported against the flight instructor for attempted coercion. The 32-year-old was acquitted in the spring. Fined. Now the tide has turned 180 degrees: At the beginning of November, the chairman of the Union sports pilot group was convicted of sexual harassment. The person concerned immediately appealed. When the planes disappeared into the hangar in the evening, it continued with boozy parties in the clubhouse. The entire board of directors knew about it. “Now the facts are finally on the table,” says the former flight instructor, relieved, and he is considering suing the officials for damage to their reputation or slander . On the part of the Sportunion Lower Austria, however, all offices (in the extended body of the state board) were suspended immediately after the allegations became known. Appeal against verdict “I am innocent. Otherwise I can’t say much about it at the moment,” explains the accused when asked by “Krone”. At the end of February, the general assembly will decide on his further fate in the club. Until then, he will remain in office.
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