Shadow can now launch on €35 machines

Shadow announces the launch of a Raspberry Pi 4 compatible version. It thus becomes possible to play very advanced games graphically on a machine at 35 euros.

Shadow is now available on Raspberry Pi // Source: Shadow

Shadow, the ” PC in the cloud “, arrives on a new platform. During a press conference broadcast yesterday throughout Europe, the company acquired in 2021 by HubiC (OVH) announced that its solution was now compatible with a new medium: the Raspberry Pi.

A gaming PC from 35 euros

As a reminder, Shadow is a service of cloud computingproviding access from anywhere to a computer running on data center . For 30 euros per month, you can access a complete computer equipped with a GeForce GTX 1080, 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. This configuration can of course be improved if necessary, in particular with the new Shadow Power offer.

This PC in the clouds is accessible from many platforms, whether it is a computer, even a low-power one, a television, a smartphone, a tablet, etc. The offer becomes even more affordable when arriving on Raspberry Pi (4 or more). This little card is the very symbol of DIY (“ Do It Yourself ”) and can be transformed at will into a multimedia center, a mini-server, a home automation station, a retrogaming station and many other uses.

For only 35 euros – not including the price of the screen and accessories –, it becomes possible to launch Shadow and play in 1080p 60 Hz.raspberry» as it is called obviously supports the keyboard / mouse combo as well as the most common controllers (Xbox and PS5).

Alauncherminimalist has been designed to easily launch Shadow from such a light machine. Those who want to try can find the .deb file on the Shadow site as well as a tutorial explaining the procedure.

Theory vs practice

We had the opportunity to see Shadow running on a Raspberry Pi 4 and were able to see the overall fluidity of the experience. If we noticed some drops inframe ratein games, this seems to have more to do with the connection of the venue than the power of the machine itself. The brand’s communicators have confirmed this impression to us.

So the biggest problem right now is getting a Raspberry Pi 4 at its original price. The queen of DIY is out of stock in many stores at the time of writing these lines, or sold at exorbitant prices. This news therefore concerns more people who already have a Raspberry Pi.

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