Shadow Warrior 3 reveals its lifespan by mocking Dying Light 2 Stay Human

This week-end, Techland announced that it would take 500 hours to complete Dying Light 2 Stay Human, enough to shake players who have a life far from their computers and consoles. Fortunately, the studio later clarified that this was an estimate of the lifespan to complete the game 100%, the main campaign should be folded in about twenty hours.

Corn Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog jumped at the chance to make fun of their comrades Polish, by revealing the lifespan of Shadow warrior 3. According to the studios, it will therefore take 500 hours … to complete the game 60 times. Thanks to the magic of mathematics, we now know that it takes a little over 8 hours to see the end of Shadow warrior 3, which remains within the franchise average.

As a reminder, the title has been postponed to 2022, unspecified, it will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the coming months. You can find Shadow warrior 2 at € 36.99 at Gamesplanet.

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