Shadow Warrior 3: the release date and the advantageous pre-order bundle confirmed by a delirious trailer

Developer Digital and Flying Wild Hog somewhat missed their announcement effect regarding the release date of Shadow Warrior 3. She actually appeared on Steam 2 weeks ago, well before the publisher chose to reveal it. Because it is indeed only at the beginning of the week that it is formalized.

The launch of Shadow Warrior 3 will therefore take place in a month, March 1, 2022, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The good news is confirmed by a trailer once again very quirky, highlighting the arsenal and the most unusual assets of the hero, in slow motion and on classic. The developers announce in passing that actors and actresses Mike Moh, Andromeda Dunker and SungWon Cho will voice respectively Lo Wang, Motoko and Zillawhile Alex Dobrenko will return asHoji. Let us also have a thought for John William Galt, who lent his voice to Lo Wang in the first part and who left us yesterday.

And as the leak also revealed, any pre-order of Shadow Warrior 3 on the Playstation Store where the Microsoft Storeat a price of €49.99, allows you to directly obtain the bundle pre-order including a skin limited edition Katanaand especially shadow warrior and Shadow Warrior 2. Knowing that the first part alone is sold €39.99 on have enough to make a good deal.

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