Shania Twain: Singer prays for colleague and compatriot Celine Dion

Shania Twain
Singer prays for colleague and compatriot Celine Dion

The two Canadians Celine Dion (left) and Shania Twain at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in 2003.

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Celine Dion is currently unable to perform due to her illness. Her Canadian compatriot Shania Twain prays for her colleague.

Canadian singer Shania Twain (57) prays for her colleague and compatriot Celine Dion (55) because of her massive health problems. In an interview with Billboard magazine, Twain also offered words of encouragement to Dion, who announced her stiff-person diagnosis last December and hasn’t performed since. “I’m a huge fan of Celine’s voice,” Twain explained. Dion is a “unique, extraordinary singer and entertainer”.

She hopes that one day she will be able to get in direct contact with her. She knows how difficult and terrible it is when an illness prevents you from singing or affects your joy in life: “So I just pray that she can overcome it and that she can sing for all of us again.” Twain also revealed in the same interview that she originally wanted to give her 1988 song “From This Moment” to Celine Dion.

Shania Twain was unable to perform for several years due to voice problems

“I wrote it with her in mind and I really wanted her – my wish was for me to write it and for her to record it,” continued Twain, who was once unable to sing professionally for nearly seven years after suffering from Lyme disease. It was only after an operation on her vocal cords in 2018 that she was finally able to strengthen the weakened nerves in her vocal cords again. Through lengthy warm-up exercises and physical therapy, she learned to sing again.

Dion only had to cancel all announced concerts in May after they had been postponed. After the diagnosis, she was unable to successfully prepare for the tour or perform. At the time, she wrote on Twitter that it broke her heart and that she was sorry. But also: “I’m not giving up … and I can’t wait to see you again.”

This is stiff person syndrome

Stiff person syndrome is an incurable neurological disease that causes debilitating muscle spasms. It is a very rare autoimmune disease.


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