Shannen Doherty: She speaks out on the occasion of Breast Cancer Month


Shannen Doherty is fighting breast cancer on many levels. Now she has spoken again on the occasion of Breast Cancer Month.

US actress Shannen Doherty (49, "Beverly Hills, 90210") has been fighting her own breast cancer for many years. She never made a secret of it. On the contrary: She gives regular updates on her social media channels and in a few selected interviews, most recently with "Elle" magazine. "I am sharing my personal journey with 'Elle' in the hope of drawing more attention to this disease and of staying in touch with my cancer family," she explains on Instagram on the occasion of the breast cancer month of October.

"It's not about being a warrior or a survivor. It's about living and growing with cancer. I continue to be inspired by the stories so many of you share with me. You have my admiration, Love and support. Yes, we are strong. We are only people who still have a lot to do and to achieve ….. and we can ", Doherty encourages himself and the many other affected people among her followers.

Dealing with death

The actress is currently developing a number of projects, including a new television show, and is looking for ways she can use her name to advocate for other breast cancer patients. But she also deals with her possible death and wants to write farewell letters, as she said in the "Elle" interview. She also thought of farewell videos, but didn't have the heart to shoot them. "It then feels final. It feels like breaking up, but I'm not breaking up."

Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2015. Two years and many strenuous treatments later, she gave the all-clear. In early February 2020, however, the US star made it public that the cancer had returned.