Sharon Stone: Your sister survived Covid-19

Sharon Stone's sister won the battle against her Covid-19 disease. She had been tested negative for the first time.

In mid-August, Sharon Stone (62, "Basic Instinct") made public that her sister Kelly and her husband Bruce were infected with the corona virus. Now the actress can breathe easy. As Stone writes on Twitter, the two were tested negative for the first time after their Covid 19 disease.

For the 62-year-old, this news must be a huge relief. On Instagram, Stone had declared in a video about two weeks ago that her sister was "fighting for her life" – as was her husband. In the same clip, Stone said that both her grandmother and godmother had died as a result of Covid-19. Sister Kelly has lupus, as the 62-year-old had also previously explained and has no immune system, which is why she is particularly at risk.

Change by choice

At the same time, Stone called on US citizens to absolutely cast their vote in the upcoming presidential elections. "People die and fight for their lives," while politics fail, the actress said. Not even nurses are able to get tested in the state of Montana, where Stone's sister lives.

The governor of Montana, Steve Bullock (54), is also unavailable, which, according to her latest tweet, has not changed so far. Stone called for Donald Trumps, 74, challenger Joe Biden, 77, and his vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, 55, to vote: "Please vote and whatever you do, don't vote for a killer."