she becomes a mother for the 1st time at 53 after 25 years of sterility

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Incredible happiness for this Scottish woman who became a mother after a long battle with infertility!

Happiness at its peak for Helen Dalglish, a Scottish woman who has just realized her dearest dream: become a mom. Indeed, after 25 years of unsuccessful attempts to have a child, 53 year old woman gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named Daisy Grace. An obstacle course for Helen who confided in the Daily Recordas reported by the site It was at 28, with her husband, Helen Dalglish decides to start a familybut the doctors quickly explained to her and her husband that they had unexplained infertility. The couple then tried artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization (IVF). But given their situation, the NHS, the United Kingdom’s health service, only reimburses them for one attempt, and it will prove unsuccessful. Thereafter, Helen Dalglish will continue the IVF trials, which she will pay for out of pocket. In total, it will cost him around 93,585 euros.

Sometimes it was too hard emotionally, physically and financially. Sometimes we stopped for a year or two. Because they told us that it was unexplained, we thought, ‘We’re going to do yoga, meditation, alternative medicine, because there’s nothing stopping us. Maybe it will happen if we just stop thinking about it. With each failed attempt, we are completely devastated. It’s like death. I was down for a few weeks, but then I picked myself up. […] I tried to forget the failed ones as I started from scratch“, recalls Helen Dalglish. After many disappointments, she finally heard about ten years after starting IVF trials, ofa Scottish fertility specialist, whom she decides to consult. This tells her that her uterus was severely retroverted and clarifies to him that all previous embryo transfers have been “mess“.

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The problem finally identified

By identifying Helen Dalglish’s exact problem, the doctor was able to adapt your technique at the time of embryo transfer. The Scotswoman then fell pregnant three times, but suffered as many miscarriages. “What kept me going was that I kept seeing this baby. I tried to log out sometimes and I was like, ‘Stop punishing yourself and doing this to your body‘. Sometimes I tried to accept it, but other times I couldn’t“. Helen perseveres and does not give up on her dream! Leaving to settle in Cyprus for the second time, this time with her new companion, she embarks on two new attempts, the first fails but the second works. “We both burst into tears and screamed. My mom thought it was negative, but it was tears of relief and happiness” she revealed. An unexpected pregnancy and followed closely since Helen was suffering from Gestational Diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

But despite everything, it was a total happiness: “When we get this little miracle at the end, we forget the 25 years that have passed. I looked down and saw that my belly was getting bigger and I wondered if I was dreaming. Even now that I look [ma fille] I can’t believe I’m a mom. It’s surreal“. A miracle as we like them!

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