she discovers that she has been married to a stranger for 13 years

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To her great surprise, a 50-year-old from Saint-Nazaire, who wanted to renew her identity card, discovered last summer that, according to the civil status, she had been married since 2009 to a complete stranger!

A bizarre scenario. A few weeks ago, a woman discovered that she had been married since 2009 to… an illustrious stranger. As reported by our colleagues from Capital, it is a resident of Saint-Nazaire, in Brittany, named Barbara and 50 years old. It all started last July, when the latter wanted to redo An identity card for her and her 12 year old son. She then lays down a file at the town hall and wisely waits the six to eight weeks usually required for a renewal of this kind. But at the beginning of October, when the waiting period is supposed to be over, no news cards.

Barbara therefore decides to call the town hall and comes across a municipal agent who asks her if she wishes to put “wife” or “widow” before their marital name. A question that does not fail to surprise her since she has in reality never been married. However, his interlocutor is formal: in the civil status, this fifties is indeed united by the bonds of marriage with a man whom she has never seen. Indeed, on going there, the mother of the family consults his birth certificate and indeed discovers a “marital mention” registered on the date of February 14, 2009… that is thirteen years earlier!

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She managed to find this famous husband!

This resident of Saint-Nazaire immediately decided to do rectify the situation. And for good reason, in the meantime, she still does not have an identity card. What greatly complicate her life, she who is in cancer remission and who has regular medical consultations and care. “I will be operated on November 25”she told our colleagues from West France. “Before, I have to do a blood test in a laboratory and they asked me for my identity card which I could not provide”, she continued. The most unusual in this story: Barbara managed to find this “false” husband thanks to his name and first name. He is a resident of the Pyrénées-Orientales. I ended up having him on the phoneSaturday, November 5. I felt that he had a hard time believing me. He called back two days later. The civil status would have indicated to him that this error had no consequences for him”she said.


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