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Camille Lelouche announced her pregnancy recently. She has just published a new photo of her pregnant, this time with a very big star!

On May 17, 2022, Camille Lelouche made a very nice announcement to her fans on her Instagram account: she is pregnant for the first time! To do this, the actress had published a snapshot of her rounded belly with small sneakers in one of her hands. “I love you so much already”, she wrote in the caption. She then explained on video that she was 5 months pregnant, adding: “I’m so happy to tell you that! I wanted to tell you because in the summer I can’t see myself putting on sweaters”.

This Sunday, May 22, the one who interprets But I love you with Grand Corps Malade posted a new snapshot on her Instagram account where she wears a crop top that lets her rounded belly show. But that’s not all, in the photo, she poses with a very big star: former footballer Zinedine Zidane! “The legend”, she wrote in her publication. It was enough to ignite the Web and under the post we could read messages such as: “Two legends”, “No but jealousy what”, “Exceptional this meeting Camille waouuuuu”, or : “You are radiant, pregnancy suits you very well”.

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Camille Lelouche talks about her pregnancy

On May 19, the comedian discussed her first pregnancy with a touch of humor in an Instagram story. She began by announcing: “I am in good shape”, before laughing that it was wrong. She then explained: “I would like to tell you that we are on a nice mass gain. I’m not talking about weight, but about mass (…) that’s all we like just before summer”.

On top of that, Camille Lelouche revealed that she was particularly exhausted. But, she then relativized by confiding: “In truth, it’s great, I’m living the most beautiful moments of my life. When she is born, it will be even better”, before ending on a joke as usual: “I’ll be back in 10 kilos, that is to say tomorrow!”.

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