she encourages her fans to wear a mask

/ Mom / Pregnancy / Katy Perry poses with her baby bump to encourage her fans to wear a mask

In a recent Instagram post, the singer posed with her baby bump and especially with a mask. We love !

She’s a blissful Katy Perry! In a post published yesterday, Tuesday July 21, on her Instagram account, the "Teenage dream" performer appears with a (big) baby bump and her legendary smile. In full promotion of her future album "Smile", scheduled for this month of August 2020, she chose to pose dressed in certain products, all flocked with the word "Smile". A t-shirt, and in the last photo, a mask. "Never too pregnant for a crop, and never too good for a mask", she wrote as a caption. Behind this usual touch of humor also hides a committed message: that of encouraging its 102 million followers to wear a mask. An initiative full of common sense that we can only welcome.

A pregnancy placed under the sign of happiness

A few weeks before giving birth, Katy Perry seems to be a fulfilled future mother. Known for her joie de vivre and foolproof humor, the singer does not hesitate to speak regularly to bring the realities of pregnancy to light. Fellow Orlando Bloom recently spoke to The Associated Press about the singer's current state of mind. "Aside from her huge belly, you wouldn't guess she's pregnant. She's a force of nature, obviously as we all know." We can't wait to see what their little girl will look like, who can already count on a very famous godmother. Jennifer Aniston, just that!