She ends up at the doctor after buying second-hand shoes on Vinted: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Vinted is the reference in terms of second-hand clothing. Since its creation in 2008, the platform has experienced exceptional growth. Today, there are millions of users selling or buying second-hand products on this site, which has become one of the most famous on the market. Ecological and economical, more practical than thrift stores in which you necessarily have to travel and search for hours, second-hand fashion online is popular. But of course, this doesn’t only have advantages. In addition to the scams and counterfeits that abound on these types of websites, there are also the problem of hygiene. Yes, it’s easy to forget to wash or disinfect second-hand clothes… And Becca Maddon paid the price. As reported The Sunon Friday September 15, 2023, this 29-year-old English girl had a bad experience following a purchase on the Vinted platform.

Vinted user noticed a rash, which could be due to scabies

Originally from Watford, in the London suburbs, this mother recently purchased a pair of sneakers at the very attractive price of 4 pounds sterling, or approximately 4.60 euros. Less than a day after wearing her shoes, the young woman noticed a rash on her feet. “Sometimes I get eczema on my face, so I thought it was the same thing. I just put my eczema cream on my foot”she indicated to Sun. But the product had no effect, and the red patches continued to progress. After taking antihistamines to no avail, she finally decided to go to the doctor. Several professionals, as well as a pharmacist, concluded that there were two possibilities: either an allergic reaction or scabies, a contagious skin disease similar to eczema. “I was terrified”, confided Becca Maddon to our colleagues across the Channel. The young woman, however, blames neither Vinted nor the person who sold her the shoes. The second-hand company also reacted to this story : “We are sorry to hear what happened to this member and hope she is now in better health”reports the Sun.

How to wash and disinfect second-hand clothes?

Vinted also wished to recall the recommendations specified in its regulations, namely to “check items before listing as all items listed must be clean”adding that “stains that do not come off in the wash, defects or others must be indicated in the description of the ad”. The platform also specifies thatit is recommended “wash or disinfect” products purchased second-hand before wearing them. If Becca Maddon does not want to discourage anyone from second hand, she in turn calls on users to be careful. For fabrics that support it, it is recommended to put second-hand clothes in the washing machine at a minimum temperature of 60°C, in order to disinfect them. And to be sure to get rid of bacteria, choose a dose of White vinegar rather than classic fabric softener. For materials that cannot be washed at high temperatures, it is also possible to let them soak in cold water diluted with white vinegar for about an hour.

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