she films her husband violently assaulted by a racist man

Worried that an unknown man photograph their house and their children, Adil Sefrioui and his wife questioned him. A violent racist attack followed.

The facts took place in Dole, in the Jura, on April 21, 2021. As the story goes Eastern Republican, that day, Adil Sefrioui’s wife notices a strange man taking pictures of their house, but also of their 4 children, aged 7 to 12. They were playing on the terrace. Adil, an electrician who was not working that day, goes out to join the stranger and asks him to show the stolen images. Except that the individual, 72 years old and equipped with a pro camera with zoom, refuses. And begins to insult the father of the family and then threaten him. “He immediately said to me: ‘aaah, bicot, you go under the hood today!’ It shocked me. People are usually nice, they tell me ‘we don’t like Arabs but you, we like you’. I find it hard to blame them. But there it was different, I yelled at my wife to call the police “, explains the father of the family to the regional media.

Stunned by these racist words, Adil tries to hold back the man while waiting for the police, that his wife has warned in the meantime by phone. A first assault follows. “He wrapped the strap of his device around his fist and threw the case in my chest. I didn’t see it coming, it took my breath away…”, testifies Adil, who still has pain in the ribs. This whole scene was filmed by Adil’s partner.

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After racist remarks, the “photographer” starts the car and tries to leave. The electrician tries to hold him back by grabbing the door, but hardly lost. “I said to myself, if he leaves before the police arrive, it’s like not seen not taken. (…) I saw him turning a street further on, but he came back in slow motion behind me as I came back by the sidewalk. And when I reached the boat from the pedestrian crossing which allowed him to go up in turn on the sidewalk, he accelerated to mow me“, adds Adil to L’Est Républicain. In a desperate reflex, he manages to jump on the hood when the vehicle comes to smash the fence of his house. Then, panicked at the idea that the man backs up to charge again, he leaps out of the vehicle’s reach, and in the scene filmed by his wife, of great violence, we hear her screaming, but also their children in tears.

Result of this assault (which looks like an attempted murder): 30 days of ITT, for fractures to the nose and finger, as well as pain in various places of the body. The attacker, since in custody, explained “that he frequently took architectural details of the city and sent them to his son to make him guess where the photo had been taken.” Regarding violence, “he invoked the fact of being hard of hearing and not having understood what was asked of him”, can we read in the Republican East.

“I do not want this case to be judicially botched, the facts are too serious, announces Me Randall Schwerdorffer, Adil Sefrioui’s lawyer. Considering the elements in our possession, including the video so eloquent and the pitiful explanations of the defendant, we cannot but raise the question of the attempted assassination! “. The defender of the victim thus wishes a heavy sentence for these extremely serious facts.

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