She finds a used bandage in her daughter's infant milk

In Charente-Maritime, a mother found a used dressing in the box of Gallia infant milk of her 14 month old baby. She contacted the brand.

A terrible story. A mother from Charente-Maritime had the bad surprise to discover a used dressing in the Gallia infant milk of her 14 month old daughter. Fanny found the bandage while preparing her baby's morning bottle on March 1. Furious, she decided to contact the brand and express her anger in a Facebook post. "I rinse it under running water to see what it is, and find a bandage. Having slipped a finger. What's more normal. Some do run into worms, you might say, but I'm not sure I should consider myself lucky. This proves the hygiene standards in their labs, and all the more so during the Covid period! ", she wrote, in caption of photos of the dressing taken out of the infant milk box.

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Contacted by Sud Ouest, Fanny explains having received a response from Gallia: "The person told me that they did not understand what happened, that this factory in Lyon, where the box was made, is very preserved, that few people have access to it. " Either way, the story is not going to end there. The brand must indeed recover the box of infant milk to carry out analyzes and determine how the dressing got there. For her part, Fanny also warned the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of the Populations. The young mother wonders if this used bandage is the cause of her little Jade's repeated fevers in recent days.

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A new blow for Gallia

This is not the first time that a case like this has involved the Gallia brand. In fact, in recent months, nearly ten families have testified to having found a larva or a worm in their Gallia infant formula. The latest story dates back to July 2020, when a mother from northern France discovered a live worm in the preparation.

A few months earlier, in March, the Danone Group (to which the Gallia brand belongs) declared that it was opening an investigation to determine when these species could have entered cans of infant milk. But in April, Gallia announced that it had "Identified no presence of larvae in our production process or any failure in our logistics circuit" on social networks.

Five families have already filed a complaint against the brand.

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