She gives birth to her 7th child in the village church square

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This Saturday, January 20, little Eva did not give her mother time to go to a maternity ward, she arrived without warning in her grandmother’s car on the village church square!

It is a new unusual delivery in which the inhabitants of Sables-d’Olonne were able to participate. Little Eva showed up this Friday, January 20, 2023 when her mom wasn’t expecting it. Not long ago we learned about uterine didelphia with Caroline’s double delivery a few months apart. Today it is a brand new birth story that we discover thanks to the Sables Vendée Journal.

It is in her mother’s car that this mother of a large family gives birth to her seventh daughter! While the date of delivery is initially scheduled for January 23, Angélique Joyeau does not have time to go to the maternity ward. It’s in the columns of Sands Vendee Journal that this mother returns to the events: “I started having pain in my back and lower stomach. I called my mother, because I knew that I was not going to make the day “. And that’s saying something, a few minutes after dropping off another of her daughters at school in Olonne-sur-Mer, this mother feels very “severe pain”.

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A childbirth engraved in the memories

The strength of the pain pushes the two women to go to the maternity ward. ” Arrived on the place of the church, the pains became so intense. We decide to stop explains Angelique Joyeau. It was then that his mother decided to call the emergency services, no time! Neither one nor two “During the telephone consultation, my water broke! ».

Fortunately, the Smur des Sables-d’Olonne teams arrive very quickly on the scene and take charge of the arrival of the little princess. “I started pushing and now my daughter Éva arrived at 9:10 a.m. at the church square in Olonne-sur-Mer in my mother’s car, in the presence of an emergency doctor and a doctor of the Smur.” Angélique Joyeau does not fail to thank the teams of the medical profession present: “I thank them again enormously for their professionalism and their support throughout the birth”. An unusual childbirth story that this mother of seven children will be happy to tell her daughter when she is older:“It was a magical and magnificent moment for me, surrounded by a good medical team. »

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