she is criticized because she is breastfeeding

Originally from the United Kingdom, this 26-year-old mother wanted to send a message to all those who criticize her choices, especially regarding breastfeeding.

In 2021, women are still judged on the basis of their choices, which however only concern themselves. When it comes to breastfeeding, some believe they have a monopoly on reason and do not hesitate to criticize the choices of these mothers.

Naomi Winfield, 26, had the bitter experience of it. As she decided to continue breastfeeding her 3-year-old son Rio until he entered kindergarten, she was called “disgusting” and “selfish” by strangers. Yet the 26-year-old college student simply continues to breastfeed her child to bond with him. “I have had more bad comments than good comments. People told their children not to watch, saying it was disgusting ”, she tells Mercury Press & Media. “A lot of people say he’s too old and will be forever. They say that I am selfish and that I do it for myself and that I cannot face the fact that my son is growing up ”.

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She even says that another woman told her husband not to look at Naomi while she was breastfeeding. “It’s not a choice to continue breastfeeding, it just happened that way. If he is upset or needs to calm down, it is comforting to him ”, she emphasizes. “There were times when he stopped eating and breastfeeding kept him from going to the hospital”.

“Society sexualizes breasts and cannot bear to see them being used for what they were designed to be”

For Naomi, it’s a way to get closer to her son. “He finds solace in it. We sit together, he has milk, we have milk hugs and I sing to him. It’s our special thing. When we get away from each other, it helps us reconnect. ”, She says.

It is high time to stop judging the choice of these women because they do what they want. “Some moms will do it until their child is seven and that’s good, some just want to be six months old and that’s finePlus, breastfeeding has never been contraindicated. “The World Health Organization says withdrawal can start between two and seven months, so it’s perfectly natural.”

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As defends it, the problem comes from society which has never stopped sexualizing women. “Society sexualizes breasts and cannot bear to see them being used for what they were designed to be”, she confides. “Everything you do is perfectly fine and be proud of it because breastfeeding is not easy. It can be physically and mentally exhausting at times, but it’s totally worth it ”, she concludes.

Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, each parent is free to do as they wish, without restraining themselves. Your choices are up to you.


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