“She is sick of it !” : why Margaux (“Don’t forget the words”) strongly hopes that Laurens dethrones her: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

He is the second greatest Maestro of Do not forget the lyrics. Laurens, 23, continues to dazzle viewers of France 2. The young singer even broke a new record, Tuesday November 28, 2023, by ringing the bell for the 47th time. In second position in the ranking of the best Maestros of the show presented by Nagui, Laurens was able to celebrate his 56th victory. With 457,000 euros in his kitty, the mathematics doctoral student continues to think big. But will he manage to dethrone Margaux, the greatest singer on the game show? If time will tell, the main interested party hopes that Laurens will quickly dethrone her in front of her. Indeed, Nagui made an astonishing confession on the set of Do not forget the lyrics, Tuesday November 28, 2023. “Queen Margaux who told me that it would suit her if you surpassed her”he revealed, causing astonishment in Laurens.

Laurens: “I’m sure you’ll continue to call her ‘the queen'”

And indeed, Margaux is upset by the little nickname that all fans of Do not forget the lyrics give him. “She got tired of being called ‘the queen’ so she said ‘fine, give me a king and we won’t talk about it anymore'”said Nagui with humor. However, for Laurens, the former candidate remains and will remain the great champion of this game. “Afterwards, she will still be the first girl so I’m sure you will continue to call her ‘the queen'”, he assured, before Nagui nodded a big “yes”. And for good reason, the young singer was inspired by Margaux to revise all the songs he knows. “I watched the videos of the ‘Same songs’ made by candidates posted on the social networks of Don’t forget the lyrics. For difficult titles that I didn’t know like Give Me Time by Jenifer or Know How to Love by Florent Pagny, I had watched a lot of videos where Margaux sang these pieces to learn them by heart”he indicated during an interview for our colleagues from Tele-Leisureunveiled on November 13, 2023.

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