She Names Her Baby After A Famous Lion King Character Her Family Hates

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These Disney fans wanted to mark the occasion with the arrival of their first daughter, so they were inspired by the Lion King, but it’s not to everyone’s taste…

All sources of inspiration are good for finding the perfect first name for your baby, and sometimes our favorite Disney movies give charming and symbolic ideas! Becky Roberts and her husband didn’t hesitate for a second when they found out they were expecting a baby girl. Both Disney fans, they started looking ideas in their favorite cartoons, they ended up stopping on the Lion King but not only!

The young parents wanted a middle name for their little girl, so they looked into another Disney movie. And it was in Beauty and the Beast that they ended up finding the second, the perfect mix! Unfortunately when the first names were announced to their loved ones, the latter did not appreciate their ideas and judged them a lot…

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Parents find themselves alone in the face of the judgment of their loved ones

The mother confided in SWNS, she told how they found the name of their little girl: “After watching ‘The Lion King 2’, I remembered my dad buying me a Kiara soft toy from the Heathrow Disney store when I was little. Kiara is the eldest daughter of Simba and Nala who arrives in the second installment. So they chose Kiara first, then in Beauty and the Beast they chose the first name Rose. The little one is therefore called Kiara Rose and apart from her parents, the family does not appreciate her first names at all. Becky Roberts said: “A lot of people in my family turned their backs on us and kept saying things like ‘what kind of name did they give him?’ Nobody really liked the name except me and my partner. We knew it was an unusual name from the start because people were quite shocked.”

After so much criticism, everyone finally got used to the name Kiara Rose: “Eventually they admit it’s an amazing name and it suits her very well.” The little one is now 7 years old and she is a fan of Disney cartoons like her parents! She loves watching the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, she dresses up as Beauty and keep her stuffed animal representing Kiara with her since birth!

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