“She needs it”, this decision that she could impose on Emmanuel Macron


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As the announcement of the reshuffle approaches, tensions are felt within the majority and between Elisabeth Borne and Emmanuel Macron.

“We’re going to hurt each other for nothing.” Emmanuel Macron knows a difficult start to the five-year term. Between the complicated choice of his or her Prime Minister, the relative majority in the National Assembly and, now, the new cabinet reshuffle, the first weeks of this second term seem trying. On June 21, the President of the Republic refused the resignation of Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, who is now responsible for form a new government. And the task does not seem easy.

In addition to the difficult choices, disagreements would be felt within the majority. Indeed, according to information from Parisianthe member for the 6th district of Calvados would like, following the declaration of general policy in the Assembly, submit to a vote of confidence, provided for by the first paragraph of article 49 of the French Constitution. Although the president has given him his confidence, some argue that this vote would be the only way to “claiming authority and legitimacy”explains a member of the government. “If it’s just to see that we don’t have an absolute majority, I frankly don’t see the point. We are going to hurt ourselves for nothing”, contradicts another member of the majority. The question was still on the table during an interview between the Head of State and the Head of Government July 1.

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Elisabeth Borne’s difficult choice

“Either we lose, because the oppositions all vote against us, and then Borne is removed from office. Either we win, but with a relative majority thanks to the abstention of RN deputies, which is not glorious either”concludes a supporter of La République on the march with the Parisian. Moreover, some ministers in office have lost in the legislativepotential candidates for the government would refuse to come and other thornier cases, such as that of Damien AbadMinister of Solidarity accused of rape and attempted rape, make it difficult to form the new government.

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