She picks up a shell, a particularly dangerous animal hidden inside will make her live in hell

In Sydney, Australia, a woman in her thirties had a bad encounter while swimming off the ocean, reports The Sun.

She was swimming quietly off the Pacific Ocean and thought she had found a rare seashell. A woman in her thirties had a bad encounter on a beach in Sydney on Thursday. The British Tabloid The Sun recounts the misadventure of the swimmer. The 30-year-old was on Chinaman Beach when she bent down to pick up a seashell in which was a rare species that hid from prying eyes.

The only problem? It wasn’t some mollusk, but… of an octopus. And the cephalopod, presumably frightened, attacked her when she grabbed her shell. The octopus attacked her twice in the stomach. She then rushed to the hospital to have her injury checked and receive treatment. ambulance worker, Christian Holmes explained to Sun : “This woman was bathing when she picked up the shell. It contained a blue-ringed octopus who fell and stung her twice in the stomach. The patient was experiencing abdominal pain at the site of the injection so the emergency services applied a cold compress and applied pressure before taking her to the hospital to to monitor it and treat future symptoms.

A rare octopus attack

More fear than harm for the young woman. However, his condition could have been much more serious. “An intervention for a bite from a blue-ringed octopus rarely happens to us, but they are extremely venomous”, she said. And for good reason: the species is capable of kill up to 26 adults in minutes. A story that will certainly push the swimmers of Chinaman, in Sydney, to be vigilant…

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Unexpected meeting in Sydney
An Australian woman in her thirties had an unexpected encounter in Sydney.

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A strange animal…
The woman finds a seashell on the beach.

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She does not suspect the danger
But inside is a dangerous species.

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The appearance of the octopus
A blue octopus had taken refuge inside.

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Double attack for the Australian
The animal attacked her in the stomach.


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A worrying state of health
The walker then immediately goes to the hospital.


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The octopus, a very “wormy” species
A doctor explained that the victim faced abdominal pain.

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