She pierces the nose of one of her 3-month-old twins because she can’t tell them apart

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A mother has revealed her unstoppable trick to differentiate her twins. Internet users were extremely shocked to discover that she had had the nose of one of her daughters pierced…

To have twins is to see absolutely everything twice, the clothes, the baby bottles, the diapers, the tears but also the love which is multiplied by two! If some twins do not look alike at all, for others the resemblance is so striking that it is necessary to try by all means to differentiate them. Haircuts, clothes, jewelry, or even putting nail polish on one and not on the other, anything is possible! Remember, recently a mother was forced to take her twins to the police station because she couldn’t tell them apart…

In order not to find herself in this situation, a mother preferred to take a radical decision and pierce the nose of one of her daughters. Certainly it is an unstoppable trick but it is above all something that she will keep for life! Kimberly and Kendra really look the same as two drops of water and have done so since they were babies. Now 1 year old, it’s still the nose piercing that helps parents know who’s who!

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Internet users shocked by the trick shared by the mother

This trick didn’t go unnoticed, especially when the mom explained in her video posted on Tik Tok (@bae_favvy1) that she pierced Kimberley’s nose when she was just 3 months old. Internet users were quick to give their opinion in the comments: “You could have pierced his ears at worst but not his nose…” or “It hurts so much to get your nose pierced, poor little girl” Others suggested that this video would be a joke but the mother did not approve of this comment and she continues to share videos where she talks about her tip for recognizing her twins. Many Internet users have also shared their testimony with their twins, but none of them had the idea of ​​piercing the nose of one of them.

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