She postpones a medical examination for five years until the ax falls

A 36-year-old mother saw her life turned upside down when she learned that she was affected by a very invasive cancer. After skipping her gynecological exams, she learned she had stage four cervical cancer.

She was living a perfect life and everything changed in November 2020. As reported The Sun, Brooke Gold, now 36, has been diagnosed with terrible cancer. If she used to keep all her medical appointments, she has, for five years, postponed certain smears (gynecological examination) due to busy lifestyle and fear of outcome due to family history of cancer. Only, she had decided to take the step when she noticed that she was losing blood between her periods. Her pap smear then revealed a four centimeter growth on her cervix and she was diagnosed. stage four cervical cancer.

Faced with her very serious illness, her doctors would have even assured her that if she had waited, if only for a month longer, before having her examination, she would probably have died. Mother of a little girl, she dreamed of having other children. Thus, the doctors tried, during the surgical operation, to save her fertility. But they weren’t successful since the cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes. Thereby, her cancer didn’t just affect her cervix, but also other parts of her body.

Brooke Gold didn’t know if she would survive her cancer

Today, the young woman goes through medical appointments and claims to have to face “emotional and physical roller coaster” during treatment. If the young mother’s cancer is now removed, she has to live with many sequelae related to her illness. It has many side effects, such as a “hole“in his bladder due to radiation therapy.”My family and I learned that they weren’t sure they could save my life at this point, as it was advanced. They took out lymph nodes and sewed me up“, thus declared Brooke Gold.

For several weeks, the young mother therefore remained in the hospital to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. “She then underwent three weeks of internal radiation therapy, which damaged her ovaries“, still assured The Sun. “If I had gone for my Pap smear sooner, or if the doctors had told me when I had symptoms that I needed a Pap smear, I could have avoided cancer and lost my fertility.“said Brooke Gold, with great emotion.”I have a lot of radiation damage, in addition to my dying ovaries, I have severe burns inside my pelvis and a hole in my bladder from radiation.”

The mother of the family must call on a surrogate mother

Today, to be able to expand their family, she and her husband have decided to call on a surrogate mother. “Everywhere I turn my friends have babies and Jones [son mari] and i now need a surrogate to get ours“, she said. “I needed six weeks of hyperbaric oxygen every day to see if it helped dead tissue to heal and although it helped some of the inflammation it didn’t close the hole or repair the damage“She is inevitably very sad, but all the same happy to be still alive and to be able to see her daughter grow up.

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