she reveals that she was beaten by her ex-boyfriend, “Too long that I take it upon myself”

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Emilie Fiorelli has been separated from her companion, the professional M’Baye Niang, since 2020. But the young woman has just revealed on social networks, the violence that the father of her children allegedly subjected her to.

Emilie Fiorelli is a single mother. The former Secret Story candidate is raising her children Louna and Farell alone in her hometown of Marseille, the fruits of her past union with M’Baye Niang. During her exchanges with Internet users, Emilie Fiorelli returned to the difficulties encountered during their relationship. The young woman accused her ex-boyfriend for being violent with her… Heavy accusations that have upset Internet users!

In a poignant message, she explained:Too long that I take it upon myself (…) I feel harassed because of the behavior of my ex-spouse. She then posted a message explaining that footballer M’Baye Niang had been drinking and beating her during their relationship. “I suffered much more than deception. But the violence (the beatings, the bites, the burns) stop, and in addition to bragging about it, it is downright serious!”, she blurted out.

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“I’m getting treatment”

Emilie Fiorelli continued by evoking a very surprising anecdote. “I was able to discover the person with whom I was ‘fucking’ (sorry for the vulgarity) a girl in his phone because he is filming himself, it’s funny apparently!”, she revealed. And to continue: “I have pictures of everything and I knew that one day I was going to freak out.

From now on, Emilie Fiorelli is trying to rebuild herself and draw a line under this painful period of her life. “Now you can understand why I’m getting treated!”, she revealed.

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