“She smokes so much…”: this habit of Catherine Deneuve revealed in “Daily”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


Friday June 26, 2020, for the last of the season Daily, Yann Barthès received Vincent Dedienne and Jonathan Cohen on the occasion of the film's release The terrible jungle, August 12, 2020. In this comedy filmed on Reunion Island, there are also Alice Belaïdi and Catherine Deneuve, but the latter could not come, as explained by the host of TMC. "Catherine Deneuve could not come but she is fine. She is preparing to resume filming for her film with Emmanuelle Bercot, "he warned, revealing in passing that she was recovering from her stroke.

If the actress was not present, her colleagues talked a lot about her. "Catherine, I kiss you and I took advantage of the confinement to review some of your films, "said Vincent Dedienne, moved by his meeting with this icon of French cinema. Jonathan Cohen had fun:"Catherine, thanks to you, I took the cigarette again!", and to explain to Yann Barthès:"She smokes fines and she smokes so much, as if she was eating small macaroons that it makes you want to smoke."She smokes, yes, but what is funny, as Vincent Dedienne noted, under the spell.

The "chaotic" shooting of the film "Terrible jungle"

In Daily, Yann Barthès said a few words about the difficult shooting of The Terrible Jungle. "Chaotic"even supported Vincent Dedienne, and for good reason, he had a car accident but did not have any serious injuries. Alice Belaïdi broke her foot and several people from the film crew caught dengue. This is a film that everyone will remember for a long time.

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