“She was going all over the place”: Matthieu Delormeau talks about his meeting with Mallaury Nataf a year ago for the purposes of a report (VIDEO)

This Thursday, January 13 in TPMP, Matthieu Delormeau recounted his meeting with Mallaury Nataf for the purposes of a report. A meeting that was very “difficult” because of the incoherent remarks of the ex-actress.

A disturbing video. This Thursday, January 13, Mehdi, a former candidate from Beijing Express unveiled videos of Mallaury Nataf and the images question the financial situation of the ex-actress of the series Honey and bees. Indeed, the latter would again be homeless. According to the images relayed by the young man, we can see a woman dressed in a black coat and a hood sitting on one of the sidewalks of the rue de Rivoli in Paris. Then she gets up and does everything not to be filmed. “I found Mallaury Nataf. She went back to the street, I hate it”, says Mehdi in one of his videos. “I’ve been looking for her for months. I introduced myself to her. She started to get angry, insults going all over the place, I don’t know why. Knowing that she had an apartment where she could stay, wash, start a new life. She was with four women. All of a sudden, she flipped out and went back to the streets,” he said in the video.

“She had incoherent remarks”

This Thursday, January 13, Cyril Hanouna presented a new issue of Do not touch My TV and during the show, a debate was organized on the precarious situation of the former actress but also of the famous video, broadcast on social networks. The latter was invited on the set with Cyril Aubin, ex-comedian of the saga the Honey and bees. Columnists questioned the broadcast of Mehdi’s video before Matthew Delormeau don’t tell his last meeting with Mallaury Nataf about a year ago. “Just after filming with Jean-Luc Azoulay, we received her and we interviewed her for two hours with my partner. She had totally incoherent remarks. She told us she only wanted to talk on Mondays“, he began.

“She didn’t want to be helped”

Then, the columnist of TPMP added : “Afterwards, we left for lunch in Boulogne and she told me that she only wanted to have lunch in a restaurant with a red front. Because red is childhood. The report was impossible, she did not want to make up, she smoked a lot. It was very difficult. Afterwards, we did some cutaways with her in Boulogne and she told us that she was going to leave France. She didn’t want to be helped. She told me this horrible sentence: ‘I mourned my children, I don’t want to hear about it anymore. Now I have my life’. She said she wanted to stay on the street. I had even offered her some money, she didn’t want to. I no longer understood anything she was saying, she was going all over the place. It was very sad.

Do not touch My TV, to be found in full on the application myCANAL.

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