She was in acute danger of death: Pregnant trainer flees Taliban hell

She was in acute danger of death
Pregnant trainer escapes from Taliban hell

“Linna” was a women’s rights activist and judo trainer in Afghanistan – and therefore had to flee. Thanks to the judo family, she can now hope for a safe life in Germany. Sounds like a happy ending, but it’s not yet: During the escape, the pregnant woman was separated from her husband.

She has taught judo to hundreds of women and girls in Afghanistan, and has given them education, self-confidence and an understanding of their rights – that is how a committed trainer has come into the crosshairs of the Taliban. Thanks to the help of the German Judo Association (DJB) and the World Judo Association IJF, “Linna”, as she is briefly called for safety reasons, is now safe in Germany. After a dramatic escape. “I had to run away from Kabul, I was in immediate danger of death. I had to leave, I tried everything and was successful,” Linna reported after landing in Germany, according to the IJF: “I lost my shoes in the crowd at the airport and had to flee barefoot There were shootings everywhere. “

The 28-year-old Linna, once an active judoka herself, had studied political science in her home country and worked for an aid organization with a training program for women and children in need, often survivors of attacks and orphans. When the Taliban came to power, the situation became life-threatening for activists like Linna. The judo community raised their case. IJF and DJB successfully worked with the German authorities on a rescue operation.

“It is our joint responsibility to live the judo values ​​away from the sports hall. I am therefore grateful and proud that a large number of German judoka were immediately ready to help judo trainer Linna from Afghanistan with her departure and arrival in Germany” , said DJB President Daniel Keller: “The DJB jointly supported the departure with the IJF and want to accompany them on their further journey.” Linna has been in Germany since Saturday and was initially placed in the initial reception center in Doberlug-Kirchhain. Benno Golze, trainer and referee from the neighboring judo stronghold of Spremberg, visited her there on behalf of the DJB and provided her with the essentials – Linna had fled practically without any belongings.

“It was a very emotional moment for both of us when I met Linna,” said Golze. The judo club KSC ASAHI Spremberg with its chairman Dirk Meyer will sponsor Linna and help her to build a new and safe life in Germany. It all sounds like a happy ending, but it’s not yet: During the escape, Linna, who is expecting a child, was separated from her husband. The concern is great, especially since there are now signs of an end to the evacuation flights. The judo community, both German and worldwide, is working feverishly on a solution.