“She would make a great Minister of Culture”: Mouloud Achour’s proposal to Emmanuel Macron

Alexis Patri

Mouloud Achour receives Tuesday evening on Europe 1 the conductor Zahia Ziouani. The musician explains that she would not refuse the post of Minister of Culture, which Roselyne Bachelot could leave after the composition of the first government of Elisabeth Borne. Mouloud Achour therefore challenges the president on this subject.


It is not yet known when the composition of the first government of Elisabeth Borne, appointed Prime Minister on Monday, will be announced. In any case, Mouloud Achour has a name to offer him for the Ministry of Culture. The host of the Europe 1 program Verbena Underground receives on Tuesday evening the conductor Zahia Ziaouni. Faced with the discourse of the musician on society and the world as culture, he imagines her at the ministry of rue de Valois. An idea that does not put off Zahia Ziaouni.

“Why not. What matters to me is to find meaning in my work. Today it’s as an artist, maybe one day as a minister,” says Zahia Ziaouni. “What I like in my current position is to see things change concretely every day. But if I am asked tomorrow to take up this challenge, I will not say no.”

“Manu, I know you listen to Europe 1”

Following this response (and although it is Élisabeth Borne who is responsible for composing the government), Mouloud Achour appeals directly to the person who will have to validate the government proposal: the President of the Republic. “Emmanuel Macron, I know you have stuff to do. You listen to Europe 1, I know it”, he calls out to him, before continuing in a humorous tone. “Manu, I know you’re listening. We have someone who could take up the challenge. Finally. Someone who makes you want culture, who knows what we’re talking about. She would make a great Minister of Culture, really”.

“I think that during the next five-year term, you will be a minister”, even predicts Mouloud Achour. It remains to wait a few hours or days to find out if the call of the host of Europe 1 will be heard.

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